Rental Rates and Information

We have acoustic panels in the main hall area, a warming kitchen, tables, and chairs.  It holds 150 people.  

When you rent our venue, please note that you are required to purchase event insurance.  If you are having alcohol during the event, an ABC license must be purchased.

Monday thru Thursday the hall is available for 4 hour increments costing $175 for each 4 hours.

Friday through Sunday, non Legion Members rent the hall for $485 with a $200 deposit.  The rental will include the Hall, Restrooms, and Warming Kitchen.

We have a Four Hour/Not For Profit Rental that is available Monday through Thursday.  The rental cost is $175 plus a $50 security deposit.

Are you a Member in Good Standing?  We have a Member Rental Contract.  The cost is $385 with a security deposit of $200. For more information contact post 215.

Rental Contract
Four Hour Rental
Member Contract